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Surprisingly few firms have a clear understanding of the challenges they face and a well defined plan for responding to these challenges. A high-impact growth plan focused on creating value is more than the "initiative du jour." It's a short, carefully prioritized list of actions - "must-dos" rather than "should dos" – created and implemented to maximize the value of the business.

We help clients develop and execute winning value growth programs. Browse this section to learn how...

  • Executive Corporate Management: IGP facilitates change, innovation and improvement by providing creative strategic leadership.

  • Information Services & Technology: IGP helps clients leverage technology for growth and competitive advantage

  • Finance & Accounting: IGP provides comprehensive solutions for your finance and accounting challenges and prepares your company for growth.

  • Sales & Marketing: IGP helps companies increase revenues by developing and iimplementing comprensive sales and marketing programs that exploit market opportunities.  

  • Manufacturing & Operations: IGP helps establish efficient & effective manufacturing operations no matter the size, the situation or the market.

  • Human Resources: IGP provides solutions that define optimal organization design and maximize the impact of employees and teams.


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