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Dr. Alastair Hood
Senior Fellow

Alastair is an internationally experienced business and technical development consultant specializing in helping start-ups and small / medium sized organizations achieve market winning, differentiated and profitable positions for their products and services.

Prior to IG Partners, Alastair led his own consultancy, ASH Business Associates, focusing on Strategic Management and Product Development particularly in the areas of cleantech & nanotechnology in the UK and here in the Bay Area. While in the UK Alastair consulted for the UK government's Department of Trade & Industry to implement their Strategic Management Program with manufacturing companies across a wide range of businesses and disciplines.

Alastair was part of the founding team and Development Director of Nanosight Ltd, a successful highly focused nanotechnology instrumentation company developing single nanoparticle analysis systems. Alastair now serves as a Board Member and a Non-Exec Director of Nanosight Ltd.

Alastair is passionate about clean technologies to produce more efficient and cost effective solutions for a cleaner future.


Alastair earned his PhD in Engineering from the University of Plymouth in the UK where he also studied for an B.Eng (Hon's) undergraduate degree in Electronic Communications Engineering.


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