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Andrew D. Wahl
Managing Director

Drew is a co-founder and Managing Director of IG Partners. Prior to IGP, he had been CEO and President of the nano-tech company, Optiva, Inc. Drew is a senior operating executive with over 20 years of line experience delivering bottom-line results in highly competitive growth companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100. He has managed the explosive growth of the 7th fastest growing company in the U.S. between 1995 and 2000 by consistently applying innovative, profitable solutions to complex problems.

Drew has started, grown and sold two businesses, and been a senior executive for three $100 million companies and a billion dollar company. He has successfully managed structural and environmental change in start-up, high growth, maturing and declining business environments. He has experienced the complete organizational evolution including start ups, growth, IPO, acquisition, divestiture and privatization. Drew has been a Board member in numerous public and private companies, and currently sits on audit compensation and corporate governance committees as well as advisory boards.

Drew's international experience includes a four-year overseas posting as well as executive positions in numerous US multi-national companies. He established and directed production in Asia, the US and Mexico. He has been responsible for R&D in Russia and China and worldwide operations in five international companies. Additionally he has established research, engineering, production and distribution relationships and directed global sales expansion in the Pacific Rim and Europe. To maximize the effectiveness of these overseas operations Drew developed an intellectual property strategy that lead to the most successful licensing program in the modem industry resulting in over 600 companies licensing our patents directly or indirectly. He also established and operated global tax strategies that significantly improved corporate profitability.

Drew has raised funds on three continents from private investors, tier one VCs and multi-national funds including closing the largest nano-tech funding of 2002. His success is based on his ability to clearly translate complex technologies into understandable business terminology. In the public sector, Drew has led numerous IPOs raising funds on three public exchanges. Led an IPO and secondary filings that raised over $200 million and achieved $2 billion in market capitalization. He has successfully resolved technical SEC and stock exchange issues, directed investor relations' presentations at numerous conferences and interfaced with fund managers, analysts and shareholders.

Drew has directly dealt with short product life cycles, swift product obsolescence and competitive pricing. It has sensitized him to time-to-market issues. He has reengineered product development processes and cycle times through effective sales and manufacturing coordination achieving market dictated time and cost constraints.


Drew received his BA degree from Villanova University, an MBA from Rutgers University and successfully completed Stanford's Advanced Management College.

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