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The profile of our typical client has less to do with business demographics and more to do with the mindset of the CEO and Management. This mindset is one that knows that there are large opportunities for his or her business and with a little experienced guidance and coaching, the company will grow faster and more efficiently.


This CEO knows that this is typically the first business he or she has grown to this level and to get it to the next level will take more professional experience in developing growth strategies than he or she, or the management team, has. This CEO is also looking for a partner that has the experience and knowledge to guide the team with harmony and within the resource level capable by the company. If you have any questions about whether you fit the profile to be one of our clients, please give us a call.

Our demographic profile typically follows these characteristics:

  • Company size - our clients have revenues between $10 million and $250 million. That are stand alone or a division

  • Industries - since business growing pains are not industry specific, we work in almost all of them.

  • Geography - There are no geographical restrictions

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