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Rob Harrison
Managing Director

Rob is a seasoned veteran that has spent over 20 years of worldwide experience specializing in the development of people and systems to meet the needs of customers in a multitude of markets. The career spans from Sales Engineering, to President on a worldwide basis. Emphasis has been on bringing new technologies and techniques to the business operations and commercialization to meet the needs of the growing worldwide demand of today and the future. Areas of concentration have been but not limited to, Nano technology, Electronics, Displays, Business Consulting, Sports and Mergers & Acquisitions.

He has been fortunate to have the experience to hold executive positions for US NYSE companies, Japanese, Korean, Russian and VC backed companies. This experience as allowed him to work on a worldwide scale and to form aggressive and winning teams to meet the needs of the markets and industries targeted to expand into. It is the positive work with people, systems and active planning that leads to success.

His energy and goal driven approach allow for the change dynamics to be engineered and to drive for growth. His ability of analysis and quickly implement is one of his key strengths. He is an influential team member with the goal of increasing value and setting a correct path for the future for all his endeavors.

Rob has created and ran Engineering, Sales, R&D, Marketing , Product Development, Operations and Finance groups, domestically and internationally. He offers IGP clients significant, hands on experience in Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, the EU and the U.S.

Concentration in the world of displays and other areas has broadened his knowledge and relationships across a broad spectrum of industries from the majors in telecom to the automotive and entertainment equipment sectors. Just prior to joining IGP he stepped into the leading role in a nano technology company that broke paradigms in electronic displays, eye wear, and solar cells.

Rob has a vast knowledge and drive to create and implement the change.

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