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Today companies must overcome many challenges to achieve success. Businesses are constantly under increased pressure to expand revenues, reduce costs, minimize risks, and grow to the next level. IG Partners offers a solution to these demands by leveraging its experience to formulate and execute plans that will meet the needs of the organization and deliver measurable results.

Every Business has untapped potential

The firm combines specialized knowledge in all areas of business, implementation prowess and experience to enable companies to anticipate change and to accelerate growth.  IGP’s capabilities and strategic focus are actuated by its partner’s broad range of industry expertise, and deep “C” level experience.  IGP’s principal’s have been senior operating officers in corporations ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies. Selected industries in which we have experience include consumer goods, manufacturing, distribution, technology, software, professional services, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, natural resources and telecommunications

IGP is a management and M&A firm committed to helping high growth companies cope with explosive growth and reinvigorating stalled or underperforming companies.

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